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Absolute alcohol, denatured / ethanol / Ethanol 99% - 10 Litres

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UPC: 9508567137371
Brand: Trade Chemicals Europe BV
HS Code: 22072000
EAN: 9508567137371

10 L ethanol, ethyl alcohol 99% denatured, the all-around cleaning agent for a thorough cleaning, degreasing, and discoloration for household, hobbies, and industry.

Ethanol is a highly concentrated alcohol and can be used as a replacement for isopropanol (IPA).
- All-round cleaning: Ethyl alcohol, ethanol, 99% denatured for a household, hobby, and industry, can be used as a solvent or thinner for fats, resins, varnishes, and inks.
- Denatured alcohol can remove dirt, grease, glue, wax, and other types of grime from various hard surfaces, such as wood, glass, and plastic. Denatured alcohol can be utilized to fuel small camping stoves and oil heaters. Suitable for almost all materials.
- Cleaning alcohol and degreaser: can be used for electronic devices such as processors, GPU, heat sinks, CCD, and sensors. It can also be used as a nail cleaner, nail polish remover, and degreaser. It evaporates quickly, is residue-free, and leaves no unpleasant odors.
- Industry & Industry: Ethanol is colorless and can be used as an antifreeze for cars, fuel system cleaner, and defoaming agent. It is often used in industry, hospitals, and practices to thoroughly clean surfaces, floors, and natural stone.
- Versatile: Ethyl alcohol, ethanol can be easily mixed with water or diluted. It is suitable for removing wax residue, cleaning electrical appliances, and removing heat conductor paste.
- Special cleaner: it is suitable as a cleaner for records, printer cartridges, inkjet printers, and for the professional removal of ink stains.

An anti-foaming agent.
A viscosity degreaser.
An antimicrobial agent.
It is included in deodorants.

Instructions for use:
- Coarsely remove the dust and dirt residue from the item or surface to be cleaned.
- To ensure whether the material or product surface to be cleaned is suitable, please test on an inconspicuous area.
- If in doubt, always dilute with 30% - 50% water.
- Please use a cotton swab or cloth to clean and apply the alcohol cleaner with a spray bottle. The product to be cleaned can also be gently dipped.
- The solvent then evaporates. Make sure that no cleaner residue remains on the surface.

- Ventilate rooms gradually during use.

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