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Multi Gel Remover® 4x 25.000 ml Canister

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Product Details
UPC: 7448143996973
Brand: Multi Gel Remover®

Please note, the product is in gel form. The main advantage - the gel sticks on many surfaces.

Product features:
NMP / NEP-free
Mostly used for the removal of paints, glue, synthetic resin and acrylic, inks.
Ready to use product.
Multi gel remover is an end product, and therefore, not meant to be diluted.

Instruction for most uses:
Apply Multi Gel Remover undiluted and evenly.
Afterward, rinse thoroughly with water.
Repeat steps if necessary until the desired result is achieved.
Be extra careful with painted and plastic parts, because Multi Gel Remover could damage plastics or remove paint from surfaces.

Use of the product:
- paint removal;
- chewing gum removal;
- fat removal;
- oil removal;
- glue removal;
- enamel removal;
- ink removal;
- rust removal;
- eliminate weeds in an environmentally friendly way;
- graffiti removal;
- nail polish removal;
- resin removal;
- alloy wheels cleaner;
- brake cleaner;
- printed circuit boards cleaner;
- printheads cleaner;
- varnish removal;
- cyanoacrylate (Superglue) removal;
- epoxy removal;
- BBQ Cleaner.

Respiratory protection must be used if air contamination exceeds the acceptable level. If ventilation is insufficient, suitable respiratory
protection must be provided.
Use protective gloves.
Use approved safety goggles or face shields.

Wear appropriate clothing to prevent any possibility of contact with product.

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