We will cancel an order if there are some problems to execute it. Here are a few examples of such problems:
  • Name of the payer is different from the name of the receiver of the order.
  • Some important details are missing, last name, phone number, email, address, etc.
  • The details of the order did have a mach with data in our blacklist register.
  • We can not or no longer deliver the order to your location.
If a payment was already made we will always refund you this full amount. Of course we can also reactivate your order if we receive the correct details. For orders that contain details that mach with our blacklist we will never reactivate the order.
You will always receive a tracking code through your email. Also you will receive an SMS if you did write your mobile number in the order details. In this SMS you will then receive the status of your order. Tracking codes are only send by email.
Multi Gel Remover® is not considered a dangerous substance. It is biodegradable and will not cause harm to nature. It is in most cases not dangerous when it comes in contact with skin. But it is advised to always wear protective clothing like gloves and safety glasses. It is harmful when you get it into your eyes so if this happens rinse very good with water and see a medical specialist. If swallowed Multi Gel Remover is very deadly even in small quantities. In this case always seek professional help directly by calling the emergency number.
In this case it is important to register your firm through this url: https://gbleuropebv.b2bwave.com/profile/customers/sign_up Or click here. We will need some documents to verify your company. And after your firm is approved we can add a special discount to your account. We look forward to hear from you.