Introducing our Multi Gel Remover®: A Versatile Solution for Various Applications

Unlock the potential of Multi Gel Remover®, a remarkable product that caters to a wide range of needs. This multipurpose gel remover is specially designed to excel in numerous applications, making it an essential asset for your requirements. Here are just a few of the many applications where Multi Gel Remover® truly shines:

  1. Lithography Process Formulations

    Benefit from Multi Gel Remover® as a carrier solvent, ensuring optimal results.

  2. Photoresist

    Achieve exceptional performance when using Multi Gel Remover® for photoresist applications.

  3. Antireflective Coating

    Enhance your projects with the effective removal of antireflective coatings using Multi Gel Remover®.

  4. Polyimide

    Experience the power of Multi Gel Remover® in removing polyimide substances.

  5. Photosensitive Polyimide Developer

    Utilize Multi Gel Remover® for efficient and precise removal of photosensitive polyimide developers.

  6. Chemical Shrink

    Opt for Multi Gel Remover® as an excellent choice for chemical shrink applications.

  7. Metal Hard Mask

    Maximize your productivity with Multi Gel Remover® as an effective metal hard mask remover.

  8. Edge Bead Removal

    Leverage the active agent properties of Multi Gel Remover® to achieve optimal edge bead removal.

  9. Paint Removal

    Trust Multi Gel Remover® to effortlessly remove paint from various surfaces.

  10. Grease Removal

    Experience the efficiency of Multi Gel Remover® in eliminating stubborn grease.

  11. Oil Removal

    Count on Multi Gel Remover® for effective and hassle-free oil removal.

  12. Glue Removal

    Discover the power of Multi Gel Remover® in tackling adhesive residues.

  13. Enamel Removal

    Say goodbye to enamel effortlessly with Multi Gel Remover®.

  14. Ink Removal

    Multi Gel Remover® is your reliable solution for ink removal challenges.

  15. Rust Removal

    Restore surfaces to their former glory with Multi Gel Remover®’s rust removal capabilities.

  16. Printhead Cleaning

    Ensure optimal performance by cleaning printheads with Multi Gel Remover®.

  17. PCB Cleaning

    Trust Multi Gel Remover® for thorough cleaning of printed circuit boards.

  18. Wood Stripping

    Experience the effectiveness of Multi Gel Remover® as a wood stripper.

  19. Photoresist Stripper

    Achieve precision and efficiency with Multi Gel Remover® in photoresist stripping.

  20. Polyimide Adhesive

    Benefit from Multi Gel Remover®’s proficiency in removing polyimide adhesive.

  21. Semiconductor Directed Self-Assembly

    Optimize your semiconductor processes with Multi Gel Remover®.

  22. Display Orientation Coating Products

    Ensure impeccable coating removal using Multi Gel Remover®.

  23. Printed Circuit Boards

    Keep your circuit boards spotless with Multi Gel Remover®’s cleaning capabilities.

  24. Level Sensors

    Trust Multi Gel Remover® for precise and reliable cleaning of level sensors.

  25. Flow Meters

    Keep your flow meters in top condition by utilizing Multi Gel Remover®.

  26. Thermo-Controllers

    Ensure optimal functionality of thermo-controllers with Multi Gel Remover®’s cleaning power.

  27. LCD Monitors

    Experience crystal-clear results by cleaning LCD monitors with Multi Gel Remover®.

  28. Resin Removal

    Eliminate resin effortlessly using Multi Gel Remover®.

  29. Chewing Gum Removal

    Tackle the challenge of chewing gum with Multi Gel Remover®’s effective solution.

  30. Weed Removal (Biodegradable Method)

    Maintain a clean environment by using Multi Gel Remover®’s biodegradable method for weed removal.

  31. Graffiti Removal

    Restore surfaces to their original state with Multi Gel Remover®’s graffiti removal capabilities.

  32. Nail Polish Removal

    Achieve flawless nail polish removal with the help of Multi Gel Remover®.

  33. Brake Cleaning

    Ensure optimal brake performance with Multi Gel Remover®’s cleaning properties.

  34. Solvent for Polymers

    Rely on Multi Gel Remover® as an excellent solvent for polymers.

  35. Light Alloy Wheel Cleaning

    Keep your light alloy wheels pristine using Multi Gel Remover®.

Unlock the full potential of Multi Gel Remover® and witness its unmatched versatility in meeting your diverse needs.