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White Vaseline - Petrolatum - Best Quality - 700 grams

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Product Details
UPC: 9505387127131
Brand: Trade Chemicals Europe BV
HS Code: 8009-03-8
EAN: 9505387127131

White Vaseline - Petrolatum - Best Quality, 700 grams

A very pure, highly refined petrolatum. Completely white. Completely odorless and tasteless. Acid-free, making it non-aggressive towards seals and metals. Resistant to the effects of chemicals.
Most uses of petroleum jelly exploit its lubricating and coating properties.
Medical treatment
* keeping skin injuries moist with petroleum jelly to reduce scarring.
*Skin and hair care. Petroleum jelly is an ingredient in skin lotions and cosmetics and is also used for treating dry scalp and dandruff.
*Preventing moisture loss. Petroleum jelly can prevent chapped hands and lips and soften nail cuticles by reducing moisture loss via transepidermal water loss.
*Hair grooming
*Skin lubrication. Petroleum jelly can be used to reduce the friction between skin and clothing during various sports activities.
Product care and protection
Petroleum jelly can coat corrosion-prone items such as metallic trinkets, non-stainless steel blades, and gun barrels before storage as it is an excellent and inexpensive water repellent. It is an environmentally friendly underwater antifouling coating for motor boats and sailing yachts.
It can be used to finish and protect the wood, much like a mineral oil finish. It is used to condition and preserve smooth leather products like bicycle saddles, boots, and motorcycle clothing and used to put a shine on patent leather shoes.
Petroleum jelly can be used to lubricate zippers and slide rules. It is used in bullet lubricant compounds, as a light lubricating grease, as well as an anti-seize assembling grease.
Industrial production processes
Petroleum jelly is a valuable material when incorporated into candle wax formulas.
Mechanical barrier functions
*can be used to fill copper or fiber-optic cables using plastic insulation to prevent water ingress.
*can be used to coat the inner walls of terrariums to prevent animals from crawling out and escaping.
Petroleum jelly is commonly used by automobile mechanics to coat the terminals on batteries before and after connecting them to prevent corrosion, as it is dielectric and will not interfere with the regular operation of the battery.
Surface cleansing
Petroleum jelly is used to gently clean a variety of surfaces, ranging from makeup removal from faces to tar stain removal from leather.
Pet care
Petroleum jelly is used to moisturize the paws of dogs.
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